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Region 1 supports a wide variety of activities by supporting local Sectional activities. Sections should look here to obtain regional support!

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IEEE Region 1 and Region 2 will be merging into one region!

IEEE Region 1 is the home to the IEEE organizational units in the north-eastern part of the USA and is comprised of 22 Sections including: Binghamton, Berkshire, Boston, Buffalo, Connecticut, Green Mountain, Ithaca, Long Island, Maine, Mid-Hudson, Mohawk Valley, New Hampshire, New Jersey Coast, New York, North Jersey, Princeton/Central Jersey, Providence, Rochester, Schenectady, Springfield, Syracuse, and Worcester County.
IEEE Region 2 is composed of four geographical Areas in …

2024 IEEE World Forum on Public Safety Technology (WF-PST)

Join us for the inaugural 2024 IEEE World Forum on Public Safety Technology (WF-PST), a ground-breaking event dedicated to addressing current and future needs in public safety technology. Explore advancements in existing and emerging technologies, discover new research, and gain insights into breakthroughs shaping the …

IEEE Rising Stars 2024 – Fireside Chat with Dr. Vint Cerf

IEEE Rising Stars 2024 – Fireside Chat with Dr. Vint Cerf, Chief Evangelist at Google

Topic: Interplanetary Internet Interviewer: Ramesh Nair – Intel Corp.


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