Springfield Section

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Section Chair

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Springfield Section

R10037 (Springfield Section)Type: SectionURL: https://ewh.ieee.org/r1/springfield/Officers:Song ZhangPosition: Webmaster
Aaron Da SilvaPosition: Student Activities
Ken HarstinePosition: Membership Development

Other Units

Springfield Community

R100 (Region 1 - No Council)Type: CouncilURL: https://ieeer1.org
R1 (Northeastern USA - Region 1)Type: RegionURL: https://ieeer1.org
CH01235 (Springfield Section Chapter,PE31)Type: ChapterURL: http://sites.ieee.org/springfield-pes/
STB01041 (Univ of Massachusetts-Amherst)Type: Student BranchURL: https://edu.ieee.org/us-umassa/
SBC01041 ( Univ of Massachusetts-Amherst,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
HKN079 (Univ of Massachusetts-Amherst,Delta Eta)Type: AffinityURL: http://www.ecs.umass.edu/hkn/
STB06631 (Western New England College)Type: Student Branch
WE10037 (Springfield Section Affinity Group,WIE)Type: Affinity
SBC06631 (Western New England College,RL07)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC01041A (Univ of Massachusetts-Amherst,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter