Long Island Section

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Long Island Section

R10315 (Long Island Section)Type: SectionURL: https://ieee.li/Officers:Rhonda GreenPosition: Chair
James MartinoPosition: Vice Chair (1st Vice Chair)
UDIT SHARMAPosition: Secretary
Santo MazzolaPosition: Treasurer

Other Units

Long Island Community

R103 (Metro Sec. Act. Council)Type: CouncilURL: https://r1.ieee.org/metsac/
R1 (Northeastern USA - Region 1)Type: RegionURL: https://ieeer1.org
CH01139 (Long Island Section Chapter,SP01)Type: ChapterURL: http://www.ieee.li/sp/index.htm
CH01052 (Long Island/New York Section Joint Chapter,EMC27)Type: Joint Chapter
CH01043 (Long Island/New York Section Joint Chapter,AP03)Type: Joint Chapter
CH01200 (Long Island Section Chapter,AES10)Type: ChapterURL: http://www.ieee.li/aess/index.htm
CN10315 (Long Island Section Affinity Group,CN)Type: Affinity
CH01220 (Long Island Section Chapter,EMB18)Type: ChapterURL: http://www.ieee.li/emb/index.htm
CH01047 (Long Island Section Chapter,C16)Type: ChapterURL: http://sites.ieee.org/li-cs/
CH01198 (Long Island/New York Section Joint Chapter,NPS05)Type: Joint Chapter
CH01048 (Long Island/New York Section Joint Chapter,MTT17)Type: Joint Chapter
CH01049 (Long Island Section Chapter,COM19)Type: ChapterURL: http://www.ieee.li/communications/index.htm
CH01210 (Long Island Section Chapter,CAS04)Type: ChapterURL: http://www.ieee.li/cas/index.htm
CH01248 (Long Island Section Chapter,PEL35)Type: Chapter
CH01249 (Long Island Section Chapter,PHO36)Type: Chapter
CH01261 (Long Island Section Chapter,TEM14)Type: Chapter
CH01227 (Long Island Section Chapter,IM09)Type: ChapterURL: http://www.ieee.li/im/index.htm
YP10315 (Long Island Section Affinity Group,YP)Type: AffinityURL: http://www.ieee.li/gold/index.htm
CH01233 (Long Island Section Chapter,PSE43)Type: ChapterURL: http://www.ieee.li/safety/index.htm
WE10315 (Long Island Section Affinity Group,WIE)Type: AffinityURL: http://www.ieee.li/wie/index.htm
CH01236 (Long Island Section Joint Chapter,PE31/IA34)Type: Joint ChapterURL: http://ewh.ieee.org/soc/pes/newyork/
LM10315 (Long Island Section Affinity Group,LM)Type: AffinityURL: http://www.ieee.li/life/
CH01239 (Long Island Section Chapter,SIT30)Type: ChapterURL: http://www.ieee.li/social/index.htm
CH01084 (New York/Long Island Jt Sections Chapter,VT06)Type: Joint Chapter
STB06441 (New York State Univ Of-Stony Brook)Type: Student BranchURL: http://www.sinc.sunysb.edu/clubs/ieee/
STB28831 (New York Inst of Tech-Old Westbury)Type: Student Branch
STB00681 (Hofstra Univ)Type: Student Branch
STB11982 (Farmingdale State College)Type: Student Branch
HKN227 (Hofstra University, Lambda Xi)Type: Affinity
HKN156 (SUNY at Stony Brook, Theta Mu)Type: Affinity
CH01268 (Long Island Section Chapter,SYS45)Type: Chapter
CH01291 (Long Island Section Chapter,RA24)Type: ChapterURL: https://create3-knowledgebase.vercel.app/
SBC00681A (Hofstra Univ, C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter