Region 1 sponsors and collaborates to fund numerous activities within the region.   Sponsorships and funding is orchestrated through the PACE committee.

The process for obtaining funding is as follows:

  1. Complete the “Fund Request” form located here!  The PACE Committee will contact your Section Chair to confirm that they have endorsed the event.   Section endorsement is required before the funds will be approved.
  2. If the event is approved, funds will be distributed to the Section after the event is held and the “Report” form is completed.
  3. The support of R1 should be acknowledged by linking to our webpages and including the R1 logo on the website of the event.
  4. Once your website has been created, you should request for an announcement to be placed on the R1 front webpage.  That announcement will be used to distribute an email to the region to advertise the event to all R1 IEEE members.
  5. After your event, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE AT LEAST ONE PHOTO OF YOUR EVENT when you file the report for reimbursement.  The photo(s) will be used on our website and facebook site to highlight and promote our activities.
  6. Region PACE funds are typically supported to match Section funds (1:1) up to $750 per event.