Executive Committee

Western Area Chair
Central Area Chair
Northeastern Area Chair
Southern Area Chair
Professional Activities Chair
WIE and Boston Section Chair
Life Member Chair
Strategic Planning Chair, Conf. Coord.
Membership Development Chair
Student Activities Chair
Young Professionals Chair


The Executive Committee consists of the following voting members:

  1. The Region Director
  2. The Region Director-Elect
  3. The most immediate Past Director willing and able to serve
  4. The Treasurer
  5. The Secretary
  6. Northeastern Area Chair
  7. Central Area Chair
  8. Western Area Chair
  9. Southern Area Chair
  10. Chair of the Membership Development Committee
  11. Chair of the Professional Activities Committee
  12. Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee (often the Region Director or Director-Elect)
  13. Chair of the Student Activities Committee
  14. Conference Coordinator
  15. Chair of the Women in Engineering Committee
  16. Chair of the Young Professionals Committee
  17. Chair of the Life Members Committee