Meeting frequency and location

The Executive Committee meetings typically occur twice a year at the discretion of the Region 1 Director.  These meetings are usually held on the friday before a Board of Governors meeting.   The Executive Committee may also meet during additional times throughout the year.


The agenda and purpose of the meeting may include: setting goals for the region, reviewing regional financial reports, special presentations by IEEE leadership, staff, and candidates, and training.  The R1 Executive leadership will often provide short reports detailing activities within the region.   These reports are to be submitted through the webpage form that is available in the menu.   All of the reports are password protected and are available on the web by utilizing the links to the left.

Who attends!

Only the R1 Executive Committee is permitted to attend this meeting.  Occasionally, other leaders will be requested to attend the in-person meetings.

Video recordings of meetings

If the meeting has been recorded (via webex), it will be provided within the password protected agenda for the corresponding meeting.