Digital Health Tech Forum & Reception

Dive deeper into the latest innovations in the healthcare industry alongside the expert technologists who are leading the way.


We are bringing the brightest of Boston’s leading health technology innovators and application specialists on 30 July 2024 to the IEEE Digital Health Tech Forum & Reception. This half-day forum will provide real-world case studies on introducing new innovations to patients and the challenges of evaluating and integration of new technologies into large multi-site hospital systems while trying to enhance patient care and trust.

With the rise in demand for remote care and bringing the hospital to the home the need to integrate the array of technologies including IoTs, artificial intelligence (AI)/Generative AI, machine learning, blockchain/DLTs, and other digital health technologies require considerations for security, privacy, data portability, and compatibility while highlighting the need for technical standards to make enable seamless and trusted adoption.

This event will feature industry experts who have deep-seated experience and knowledge in bringing these innovations into their organization and a suite of technologists who are at the forefront of developing innovations to support enhanced patient care in any remote setting.



The half-day workshop and networking reception is limited to 50 participants on a first-come basis. See the agenda and confirm your spot today.