On behalf of the Region 1 Board of Governors, I am pleased to inform you of the following award receipients within Region 1.

All my best,

Greg Gdowski, PhD
IEEE R1 Director

2023 IEEE Technical Field Awards

  • IEEE Control Systems Award: To recognize outstanding contributions to control systems engineering, science, or technology.

Naomi Ehrich Leonard (Princeton/Central Jersey Section): “For contributions to applications and theory for control of nonlinear and multiagent systems.”





  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Award: The award is presented for contributions in the field of robotics and automation.

Daniela Rus (Boston Section): “For pioneering contributions to the design, realization, and theoretical foundations of innovative distributed, networked autonomous systems.”




IEEE Life Members Affinity Group Awards

  • Regional LMAG Achievement Awards

Michael A. Miller: Region 1 – North New Jersey LMAG, Chair

  • Life Members Individual Service Awards – This is the first year that the LMC has awarded the Global Life Members Individual Service Award and Regional Life Member Individual Service Awards to those Life Members who have provided exceptional and valuable service to the Life Member organization.

Lou Luceri: Region 1

Region 1 Awards:

  • The William Terry Distinguished Service Award: This award is intended to recognize those whose personal efforts have provided leadership, creativity, guidance, hard work and inspiration in a wide range of IEEE activities over a significant and sustained period of time.

Santosh K. Kurinec (Rochester) – For IEEE service, and outstanding research and teaching semiconductor technology and promoting semiconductor workforce generation

  • Technological Innovation (Academic): For distinguished development, advancement and pursuit of the IEEE’s technical objectives

Hengyong Yu (Boston) – For pioneering contributions and international leadership in tomographic imaging, especially interior tomography and machine learning-based tomographic imaging   

Wenliang Du (Syracuse) – For contributions in cybersecurity education     

Oliver Kennedy (Buffalo– For contributions to incremental view maintenance, understandable reproducible data science, and outreach efforts 

Karthik Dantu (Buffalo) – For technical contributions to visual localization and mapping technologies for mobile systems and robotics

  • Technological Innovation (Industry or Government): For significant patents, discovery of new devices, development of applications or exemplary contributions to industry or government

Yuanqiu Luo (Princeton/Central Jersey) – For outstanding innovations on high-speed optical access system design and development, and leadership in driving international standards to promote broadband access worldwide

Yutaka Sugawara (Mid-Hudson) – For sustained contributions to architecture and design of world-class high performance computing systems  

  • Outstanding Teaching in an IEEE Area of Interest (University or College): For outstanding contributions to education in an area of interest to the IEEE

Bina Ramamurthy (Buffalo) – For outstanding contributions to global education in the emerging area of blockchain technology

  • Outstanding Teaching in an IEEE Area of Interest (Pre-University or College): For improving communications between the IEEE and a student body; for support and service to a student body; for service and leadership to the student community

Chitra M. Venkatraman (North Jersey) – For significant contributions to employment networking, career development, women in engineering, and pre-university STEM education

  • Outstanding Support for the Mission of the IEEE, MGA, Region 1 and/or Section: For outstanding service to the IEEE at the Chapter, Section, Region, MGA and/or National level

Martin L. Cohen (Providence) – For outstanding and steadfast performance as Section Chair, Treasurer, and chair of numerous committees and events during two decades of service

Fatimah Shehadeh-Grant (New Jersey Coast) – For contributions in increasing STEM awareness among local pre-university students and promoting WIE initiatives

Michael Chirico (Buffalo) – For valued service and outstanding contributions to the IEEE Buffalo Section