Bala Prasanna (R1 Director-Elect) joined in the festivities and represented R1 at the event. The contributions of Volunteers from PCJS have been consistent and  significant during the recent 15-20 years, with some old timers like Dr Gerry Alphonse ( R1 dir &  IEEEUSA President,Dr  Irv Engleson) recent ones likes Fran, Ashutosh, Rebecca Mercuri, David Soll, Deepak Kataria & Roger Ding. Of course, it goes without saying the incredible contributions from Sarnoff/RXA labs, Princeton U, Rutgers U, to mention just a few. We hope that their next 25 years will be just great and that means greater good for IEEE community!   Sandy Mazzola (R1 Southern Area Chair) & Bob Pellegrino (NY Section Chair, and R1 Section Vitality Coordinator) also attended and enriched the gathering.