Congratulations to all those who have shown up and competed your Micromouse at this year 2022 IEEE Region 1 Micromouse Competition. Everyone (and also your Micromouse) is the winner! I am thrill that we were able to resume the annual competition this year after two years of cancellation. I hope you had a great time and have learnt something or inspired by other teams. Certainly, we will do the competition again next year. In fact, I do have two IEEE Student Branches have expressed interest to host the competition. Hence, we are considering another competition this year – maybe in the Fall 2022. So, please don’t stop working on your Micromouse – continue to solve the problems, and improve it to be smarter, faster and reliable. In short, enjoy the engineering process!

YOn behalf of Region 1 Student Activities, I want to express our gratitude to the judges Bala Prasanna, Bob Pellegrino, Randy Rausch, and the time keeper Anthony Wan for their previous time to judge the competition. Lastly, thank you to the courage and the braveness of Professor Cherrice Traver, Scarlett Jia and Ali Khan from Union College to agree to host the competition. Also, greatly appreciate to those who have help setup and tore down the maze, moved the furniture, saved the ice creams, or one way or another….

Best Regards,

SOON : )

Gim Soon Wan

IEEE Boston Section, StM’96 M’00 SM’10
2022-23 Region 1 Student Activities Chair
2022 Boston Section Student Activities Chair